Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the account of the client company Everest FX LTD

Enters the next decade (the "Agreement") entered into force between each of the Everest FX LTD and the person and / or legal entity who is the progress to open a trading account in the company's platform for trading binary options ( "Customer"), in accordance with the provisions and detailed conditions in this agreement .altdaol in binary options ( "Trading"), means that it is created contract gives the customer the right to assess the direction of change in the underlying asset price, within a certain time frame specified by the company. And trading tool that is different from trading in options in the traditional way, because there is no fixed return to be determined in early trading, as an example: Usually there is no command to stop-loss and other features.

1. Trading Account

1.1 opening an account - the customer can progress to open an account through the company's website, and the company will to accept this request to open an account ( "trading account") under the following conditions: (I) that the company receives confirmation that the customer has agreed to enter into this agreement (and this confirmation of the customer by clicking on the button "agree" or visit the conditions on the website of the company (the "site"), then followed by a full application form (if applicable) and provide information about the customer and to be provided by the company, and the client confirms that all information provided is correct, complete, and accurate, and if there is a change in the information provided by the client, the client's company must be notified immediately of any such change.

1.2 The use of the trading platform through the account, through a limited license provided by the company to the customer. And have a personal license, and non-transferable, and is intended for people aged over 18 years old (or older legal age, if the law that applies to the client state requires greater legal age), and the license is subject to this agreement. And the client can not transfer, assign, or enable others to use the license, and / or given special access codes trading account to anyone. Any damages to the customer and the company and any third party due to the breach of this Agreement by the client, should be under the responsibility of the customer.

1.3 activation trading account - the account will be activated by the company as soon as you select the company's funds deposited by the client in the trading account. And the company may activate trading account and allowed to trade with the subordination of the account of the restrictions that meet the company that may be imposed by the requirements of, and that is not translated trading account or had been frozen, it can not move or recover any sums of money held by the company for the benefit of that account for any person until the company becomes convinced that all applicable regulations are complied with.

1.4 The Company may act in accordance with the Company's sole discretion, as an agent on behalf of the client with respect to any process has been accessed in accordance with this agreement, and so the company may act as a counterparty to the trade activity customers. And the client confirms that it acts on behalf of himself and not as an agent or trustee on behalf of someone else.

1.5 Customer hereby represents and ensures its participation with the company in this agreement, and that his use of the company's services to fully comply with the applicable law on the client.
2. Transactions

2.1 trading platform client enables binary options trading in the exchange rates of various currencies, and commodities, and any other financial instruments available by the company. Trading platform displays indicative prices for the exchange rates of the various financial instruments pairs, based on different financial information systems, such as the updated exchange rates in international capital markets. Pricing for different time periods, the platform used mathematical calculations according to formulas known and accepted capital markets. And it is recognized by both parties that due to the different methods of calculation and other circumstances, the trading platforms and / or different markets may be offered different prices.

Client 2.2 gets a definite profit in advance if bilateral its own option deal ended and was a valuable with time and End Solutions option, and will lose a certain amount in advance of its investment in the process if binary option deal ended without value, and are amounts predetermined derived from guarantees the client, which invested in the transaction, and will be published in the trading platform. And the degree to which then have the option of value or not, does not matter, as is the case with traditional options.

2.3 Company Client authorizes that the adoption or disposition of any order or request or instruction or other means of communication particular have been released (or was intended to be issued) by the client or any person authorized on behalf of the client, without further inquiry on the part of the company about the credibility of the identity of the person who gave the order or request or instructions or any other means of communication like this, and the client will be responsible for and bound by all the obligations that result from those orders or requests or other communications to the company.

2.4 Company reserves the right are as follows and they are not bound by it: to develop and set boundaries and standards to control the ability of the customer to place orders or to restrict the special conditions that are trading through it and in its sole discretion, and can modify these limits and / or standards or increase or decrease the or be removed or added by the company.

2.5 arbitrage / cancel orders and transactions - the company does not allow the actions or decisions Allaojraiah based on arbitrage or other methods that rely on the exploitation of systems or different platforms or rely on disruption, delay or errors and etc accounts, and are entitled to the company, in its sole discretion , to cancel any transaction to be implemented for a reason for any errors or as a result of a malfunction in the system or due to a breach of the agreement by the client, and to the end, and will be using the company's records inconclusive evidence as to prices of global capital markets and prices erroneous given to the client, and the company may modify or cancel any transaction at the right prices.

2.6 Abuse cancellation feature

Everest FX LTD offer special cancellation allow traders to cancel trade within a few seconds of execution feature. Abuse cancellation feature can be considered as arbitrage in the market and could lead to the confiscation of profits. And Everest FX LTD reserves the right to cancel any transaction if the Abuse cancellation feature. Cancellation accepted ratio can not exceed 20% of the total number of transactions executed. Cancellation of more than 20% of the total number of transactions executed considered Abuse of this feature, and may confiscate resulting from such abuse profits.

3. Margin

3.1 The customer can transfer money to the company through various ways to pay the figure allowed by the Company from time to time and in any currency (accepted by the company), and will transfer this money and the management of cross-trading in US dollars and platform / or euro and / or the pound sterling and / or the Canadian dollar and / or the Australian dollar, as defined by the company, according to the exchange rate determined by the company based on market rates available.

3.2 When you make a bank transfer, the customer must send confirmation SWIFT native to the company shows all the bank account details and prove that the bank account registered registered under the name of the customer, lack of delivery confirmation SWIFT or in the event that the details do not correspond with recorded customer details of the company may lead In addition to the lack of funds for the account of the client trading.

3.3 When a customer to transfer funds to the company, these funds are the property of the company and will be treated by the company as belong to her for the purpose of insurance or coverage is present, and the future of the client, and the actual liabilities, and contingent or potential client, and these funds are subject to contractual obligations which provides that the company's payment or reimbursement of these funds to the customer as stated in this agreement, and the client can not claim the money that converts them to the company, and the company may have to deal with these funds on its own without reference to it, and when determining the amount of collateral and the amount of liabilities resulting from the company's paid or returned to the customer, the company may apply this method (including the provisions about the future direction of the markets and prices), as the company sees fit.

3.4 funds the company by the client, along with any profits or other benefits may be from the client the right according to the specific agreement with the company, and should be used as collateral for any operation, including commercial losses resulting from trading and any fees or debt Others owed by the customer to the company, and will be automatically deducted from the customer's existing and its shares trading account, if the customer deposited funds with the company do not result in any profits or benefits. The trading through binary options relating to shares belonging to the assets of companies and the customer does not grant any rights such as voting or customization, or other benefits, but may be subject to adjustments according to financial events or companies belonging to those shares, such as the distribution of profits, and divisions and so on.

3.5 payment of any funds by the company to the customer have the same currency and the same account or credit card / which has been transferring money from them originally, unless the company decided, in their sole discretion, return the money to the various client's account.

3.6 The Customer acknowledges that all the money that is transferred to the company is not derived from any illegal activity or other criminal and without any violation of any anti-money laundering regulations and applicable laws.

3.7 The client does not have the right to claim the company or download the company of any liability related to any delay and / or disputes arising with the credit company, and banks or other financial institutions around the price calculations and / or commissions and / or any other debit balances.

3.8 withdraw funds - in the case of the client to provide a request to withdraw funds from the trading account, the company must pay the exact amount (with the account of any transfer fees, if any) immediately after the request was accepted duly and at the moment of payment are the requirements the client may sidelines met, and requires to perform a drag 7 working days after the submission of the client documentation and approval, and the company may cancel the customer's request to withdraw, if, at the discretion of the company, the remaining funds (after withdrawals) is not sufficient to secure treatment or open transactions in the trading account.

3.9 The Company to deduct all payments fees from the client trading account, and if the client has an obligation to pay any amount to the company in excess of the amount in the client's trading account, the customer must pay that amount immediately upon the company's request.

3.10 The company will not provide any actual extradition in respect of any operation. As mentioned above, and is inserted into the profit or loss and from trading account (as appropriate) once you close the transaction.

4. Fees and Expenses

4.1 The company does not charge fees or brokerage commissions for executing transactions.

4.2 company will charge a fee for the transfer of funds from the customer's trading account to his bank account, and is currently equal to 35 units per conversion.

4.3 The Company may impose additional duties on the transfer of funds for deposit in the trading account, which has been carried out through debit or credit card.

4.4 The Company may provide an additional fee, and you can change any existing fee, at any time, by giving notice to the customer by no less than 10 working days from these changes.

5. Payroll accounts

5.1 displays account balances and statements on the trading platform available to the client by the company. And can be found on common terms on the company's website.

6. rewards

6.1 In order to withdraw the bonus, you must first complete a profit equivalent to 30 times the deposit amount.

6.2 The company may offer a bonus to customers in the form of credit or material gifts from time to time, at its sole discretion.

6.3 bonuses and profits that are based, in part, and if, to use the balance of rewards, be forfeited in case of suspicion of the company in any act of fraud or breach of the terms and provisions of the company by the client.

7. Privacy and Data Protection

7.1 The Company to keep a few personal customer information due to the nature of the company's business and relationships with customers. All the data collected, both on paper (hard copy) or on a computer (electronic version) to be safeguarded in order to maintain customer privacy.

7.2 The Company may disclose and / or use customer information for the following purposes: (a) internal use, including the company's entities. (B) as permitted or required by law; (c) protect against or prevent actual or potential, or transactions or unauthorized behavior fraud (d) overseeing the computerized on the use of client services, and review and / or supervision and / or develop and and / or maintain the quality of services; and (e) to protect the rights of the company or the obligation to monitor any applicable law.

7.3 The client gives his / her consent for the company to take advantage of his / her data in order to provide updates and / or information and / or for the purpose of promotion or marketing by the customer or other information to contact e-mail address. Revoke this consent must be in writing and through the submission of a written notice to the Company, and should apply to new publications that have not been sent.

7.4 Customer agrees and acknowledges that the company has logged all conversations with the client and monitoring (and keep a record) for all the e-mails sent to or from the company. All these records are the property of the company, and can be used by the company, among other things, in the case of a dispute between the company and the client.

7.5 Partnership - The Company may share commissions and fees with its partners, and the well-known brokers have, or other third parties ( "Partners"), or to receive compensation owed to them in respect of contracts entered into by the company. And it may be disclosed customer information with the company's partners.

7.6 trading platform company, and the website or other services may require the use of "cookies."

8. No tips

8.1 The Customer acknowledges that he alone was responsible about carrying out the investigation and assessment on the risks of any operation. And Customer acknowledges that he has sufficient knowledge and market experience to do rated by its own merits and risks of any operation. And the company does not recommend their clients in relation to the expected profitability of an operation, or any tax or other consequences. And the client acknowledges that he has read and understand the Risk Disclosure Document that determine the nature and risks of the transactions to which the present Agreement.

8.2 While the company offers comments about the market or other information: (a) be a casual relationship with the client to the company. (B) This software is provided solely to enable customers to make their own investment decisions.

8.3 The Company shall not be responsible for the consequences of the client based on the trading recommendations, and comments about the market or other information.

8.4 The Customer acknowledges that the company is not responsible, in the absence of fraud, willful default or gross negligence, for any loss, costs or expenses or damages suffered by the customer due to any inaccuracy or error in any information given to the client.

8.5 The Company is not obliged to assess the suitability of any process for the client, to assess whether the client has the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the nature and risks associated with these operations. All risks associated with the above are under the responsibility of the customer.

8.6 any application for a tax on the client and / or the results of the customer trading activity, including trading profits and / or trading losses and / or any fees and / or discounts, be under the full responsibility of the customer and the only one. And the customer personally pay any personal taxes, federal and local jurisdictional and binding them, if applied to it. And the company serves as a mediator only and does not discounting, collection, payment, or withholding taxes from the client. Company reserves the right in case the demand of the official party, to deduct tax from the customer and handed over to the authority of the appropriate taxes have also been demand from the official side.

9. Close the account and cancel the agreement

9.1 Either party may terminate this Agreement by sending written notice to the other party by e-mail to support @ ICoption.com in advance with ten (10) days, and either party may terminate this Agreement immediately in any case of any breach of this Agreement or of default by the other party. Based on notice to terminate this agreement, the client must be obliged to close all open transactions, otherwise the notice becomes void, or is the company's right to close all open transactions without incurring any liability. Such a closure could lead to an outcome that is less favorable to the customer.

9.2 termination of any rights and obligations owed does not affect, in accordance with applicable law and the provisions of this Agreement.

9.3 Upon exiting, all amounts to be paid by either party to the other party and become immediately due and payable.

10. Limitation of Liability and Compensation

10.1 The company's services are provided "as is" and "as available", and the Company makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchant ability and suitability for a particular purpose. The company does not guarantee that none of the affiliate programs, and services or means of communication, or that are used by the customer may be offered will always be free of viruses or other harmful components. And the company will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from trading or use the company's services, including, but not limited to direct damages and indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential.
10.2 Customer acknowledges and agrees that the trading platform follow the relevant market, whether the customer in front of his computer or not, and whether your computer is working or not the customer, and will be implemented forsaken the request by the client, if any.

10.3 The client must first upon request by the company, the company's compensation from and against all liabilities, damages and losses and costs (including reasonable legal costs) and the fees, taxes, fees, commissions or other expenses incurred by the company.

10.4 The Company shall have the right to determine any amount due by the company to the customer, against any debt or other obligation of the customer towards the company. In any case the failure of the client (voluntary or involuntary actions against customers) for all debt, and debt and other future liabilities from the client to the Company shall become due immediately.

11. General Provisions

11.1 amendments - the company has the right to amend the agreement without obtaining any prior approval from the client. If the company makes no substantive change to the agreement, and will give notice Wim at least 10 (ten) business days of such change to the client. This amendment becomes effective on the date specified in the notice. And unless otherwise agreed, the amendment will not affect any order or transaction or any legal rights or obligations which may already have arisen.

11.2 nullity partial - If at any time that any provision of this agreement became illegal, or unenforceable under the law of any state or country, are not affected by the legitimacy, or the enforcement of the remainder of this agreement in any way, and are not affected by provisions ability or declining health or the entry into force of the ability of this provision under the law of any other state.

11.3 Joint Account - if the trading account is a joint account (on behalf of more than one entity), each of the entities in the trading account that is licensed to represent other entities towards the company, with no requirement of any notice or consent by the other parties. And all the entities in the trading account agree that any notice or order issued by the company to any of the entities considered as such resources to all entities. In the case of a contradiction between the instructions issued to the Company by various parties, the latest instructions received by the company is to be applied.

11.4 Tenders - unless otherwise agreed, all notices and instructions and other communications given by the company must be sent to the address or fax number provided by the client, or by e-mail or any other electronic means, and are providing these details by the customer to the company. And it must be oriented in any complaint to the customer service department in the company, which will investigate the complaint and make every effort to resolve them. And this complaint should be sent to: